Services to the Victims of Disasters in Alabama

Restoration Dry Cleaning Done Right...Guaranteed!

We will clean and restore your clothing, textiles and personal intems like purses, shoes, boots and belts to their pre-loss condition. We will come to your home and carefully pack your clothing and related textile possessions, take them to our restoration dry cleaning facility in Calera, Alabama, where we will clean and store your items until they are ready to be returned.

Emergency Clothes

If you need clothes to wear immediately, we will clean and restore them quickly and return them to you for immediate use.  This typically includes work and leisure clothes, underwear and socks, and bed linens and towels if all of these items have been damaged by the disaster.

Removing The Contents

The sooner the contents are removed from your home for cleaning and restoration, the sooner your building contractor can begin repairs to your home.  Also, the longer that contents  sit in the damaged home, the more likely that permanent damage could occur.

Inventory of Damaged Items

When we are first called to the scene of the disaster, we will look over the contents and make a plan with you to carefully pack and remove the items.  If you would like an on-site inventory, we can provide that.  And once we get your contents to our Restoration facility in Calera, we will re-check and update the preliminary inventory.  We will communicate this adjusted inventory to you and review any changes noted.

Everything Cannot Be Restored

With our specialized industry knowledge, we are able to save many items that you might not think possible.  But if we can't restore them, we will not charge you for it.

Sometimes we are unable to restore an item that has been severely damaged by the disaster, such as when the items is scorched from a fire or faded, shrunk by water. 

Other times the items may have been damaged before the disaster and are not strong enough to withstand the required garment restoration procedures.  We prefer to not cause further damage on clothes that are weak or fragile.

Sometimes an item may be worth less than the cost to restore it.  This may be because it is old or fragile.

In these cases, we will evaluate the condition of the item and judge whether the item is cleanable or not.  We will recommend which items should be restored and which items should not be...and we'll tell you why.  We will never charge for anything we cannot restore.

Return of Restored Contents

Once we have cleaned and restored your clothes, we will return them to you.  Should you not yet be ready to receive them, we are able to store your items until you are ready.

Payment arrangements typically include assignment of insurance benefits.  We will work these details out with you prior to returning your property.


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