Our Unconditional Guarantee - Do You Think We Would Do Anything Less?

No questions asked. If you aren't satisfied with any aspect of our dry cleaning and laundry services - FOR ANY REASON - we'll redo the work, with your permission, at no charge. Regardless of whether you give us that second chance, if you still aren't satisfied with our work, we'll refund your money. If you aren't satisfied...we aren't satisfied!

If you ever got to the point of dissatisfaction with our services...from our dry cleaning delivery service, to how we starch and press your dress shirts, to how we press your dress pants or dry clean your favorite silk blouse...call me at 205.902.1093.

We Care About Your Clothes...And Your Complete Satisfaction!

The bottom line..."We Care For Your Clothing!"  We do it for you with Quality, Honesty and Convenience.


Your Order Will Be -

  • Ready When Promised
  • It Will Be Done Right...Just The Way You Want It
  • Or it Will Be FREE

No Questions Asked.  If You Aren't Satisfied With Our Work...For Any Reason

We'll Redo The Work At No Charge or Refund Your Money. 

It's Your Choice. No Hassle.  No Quibbling.

If You Aren't Happy...We Aren't Happy!