Dry Cleaning Pickup and Delivery in the Caldwell Mill Road Area to Valleydale Road

We cover just about everywhere in the Caldwell Mill Road area down to Valleydale Road.  This includes Heatherwood, The Crossings, Millsprings, Altadena Woods, South Lake, Indian Springs to Highway 31 in Pelham. 

We're all over this area, so check us out!

We're a Birmingham, Alabama based dry cleaning and laundry company that has earned a reputation for high-quality cleaning and customer-based service.  Everything we do is designed to be convenient for our customers.  We want to make it easy for you to do business with us.  At the top of this list of CONVENIENT and EASY is our FREE Dry Cleaning and Laundry Pickup and Delivery service.

We clean all types of clothes including shirts, blouses, suits, pants, jackets, formal attire and all types of couture garments. Our prices are all gender-neutral meaning that we don't charge more for ladies' garments than for men's...including 100% cotton blouse.

We’re the leading experts in wedding gown care in Birmingham with the only Certified Wedding Gown Specialists in Jefferson and Shelby counties.

Besides the clothing, we clean household items including comforters, bedspreads, duvet covers, slip covers, area rugs and oriental rugs.  We also offer "wash & fold" service for those who don't want to do their daily laundry or for those whose washer or dryer has gone on vacation.  And we can pick up and deliver these as well.

We clean carpets and upholstery at your home or business.  

We pick up and deliver dry cleaning and laundry all over south Jefferson and north Shelby counties.  We’re all over the place taking care of our customers with quality dry cleaning and laundry…delivered to your home or business…for no additional charge.