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Caring for Wool Sweaters

Posted by David Whitehurst


Wool sweaters are a staple of cold weather fashion but proper care for wool sweaters can be tricky.

AdobeStock_12299884.jpegWhether the care label recommends dry cleaning or washing you sweater, we can clean sweaters for you.

If the care label says “Dry Clean Only” you should follow those instructions. An Call Champion Cleaners to handle it for you.  If the care label says you can wash your sweater - and you want to do it yourself, here are some tips to get you through the process successfully.

1. Wash your wool sweaters in warm (tepid) water in a sink or small bucket. You can use a store-bought soap like Woolite or use a few drops of dishwashing soap with about ¾ cup of white vinegar (to remove perspiration odor). If you must use a washing machine, use the gentlest cycle.

2. Gently squeeze the sweater with your hands for 3 to 4 minutes. Allow the sweater to soak for another five minutes.

3. Rinse twice in cold water to remove the soap. Squeeze the excess water out but NEVER wring it out. Wool can be mis-shaped is you do. Lay the sweater on a clean towel and place another towel on top and gently press to help it dry. Keep the sweater laying flat until dry. Do not place a wet sweater on a hanger to dry.

4. NEVER place a wool sweater in a dryer. If you do it will most likely shrink. You can fix this by washing it again and “blocking” it (reshape it) while its wet to return it to its normal size.

5. Once dry, brush the sweater to perk up the fibers.

6. Fold it for best results (rather than placing on a hanger).

How Often Should You Clean Your Sweater? - The answer to this question is simple. You should clean (wash or dry clean) your sweater when it’s dirty or smells bad. Wool fibers usually hold their shape (when dry) and steaming a sweater is not often needed. But if you spill something on it, blot it off immediately and then clean it as soon as possible. To do otherwise will allow stains to set.

How Should You Store Sweaters? – First make sure it is clean before storing. If you’ve worn it, even once, there is a good chance that there is dirt, makeup, food or perspiration on the sweater. Never store it until next season dirty. When storing between seasons, place them in a plastic container so creepy crawlers can got to the wool.

To Clean you Wool Sweater contact , we will handle it for you. 

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