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Prairie Dress: In Vogue for Spring 2016

Posted by Champion Cleaners Fashion Blogger

Trends-To-Try-In-2016_Pairie-Dresses.jpgHistorical events often affect the fashion trends and the inspirations for clothing lines come from them quite a lot too. 1920s to 1990s was the time when fashion trends were profoundly affected by the circumstances of every decade. This was the time when fashion underwent major evolution, not just in clothing but also in jewelry styles. Owing to the time for which they remain, some fashion can be called as a “fads” as they are adopted for a very short time and others are classics which never go out of fashion. One of such classic fashion trends is the prairie dress.

Prairie dress in the 70s

Prairie dress was wildly popular in the 70s and 2016 has proved to be the year of its revival. It inspired the fashion designers to incorporate “spiritual but not religious” zest that was ascribed to the prairie dressing in the 70s.

The costume is basically a variant of the peasant dress. In the year 1970, prairie dresses came to be known for their square necklines. Ruffles and frills in lace were attached to the dress in those days. Puffy sleeves and lace lining he bottom of the skirt were the highlight of the look.

 They had a high waistline and a belt was attached to the waist, adding a feminine touch. These country style dresses were considered to be highly conservative in those days and usually came in similarly conservative prints like the florals, polka dots, calico, plaids or mono-colored scheme.

Prairie dress in 2016

In 2016, the prairie dresses have made their come back as beautiful long dresses and long coats. They have been designed to be so incredibly chic that they are even being donned with trainers and pointed cameo flat sling backs.

A lot of designers have taken inspiration from the prairie dresses of the 70s. Prairie inspired evening gowns have become all the rage on the runways. The 3 tiered gowns have been made out of silk organza and have been an instant hit. These ruffled gowns are highly romantic and make us think of the vintage era.

The frayed look of the gown along with amazing cuts and the luxuriant fabric make this dress an absolute darling for the fashion lovers and a real treat for the eyes.

There is no better way to start the year than donning a pretty prairie inspired dress and heading out to rock the style. You can experiment with styles and can also have it in florals and frills. Coupling the dress with a nicely printed floral or even plain jacket can add a festive touch to the overall look. It seems as if the trend is here for quite some time so go get your hands on this wonderfully gorgeous dress while you can.

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4 Spring Trends you Need to Flaunt Before Everyone Else Catches on!

Posted by Champion Cleaners Fashion Blogger

The retro minimalistic trends have hit back in full swing and the spring fashion trends for 2016 all about the modernization of the retro, vintage attire.

Runways were set ablaze this year with gorgeous sheer silhouettes, the return of the Spanish ruffles, the alluring off the shoulder look. Fashion trends have truly gone insane this year, and mind you, they are so gorgeous they will drive you along in a fashion frenzy too.

So, here is an exciting round-up of the five most sensational spring trends that you need to add to your fashion game.

Bare some flesh in tempting off-the-shoulder attire

off_shoulder_2.jpgThis spring, fashion is about baring all the right amount of flesh in all the right places, and the off-the-shoulder trend has spread like wild fire.

It is literally everywhere to be seen, and the designers have let their imaginations flow with this trend, for instance, gorgeous strappy silhouettes, sleeveless gowns and even off-the-shoulder halter bohemian dresses with a lovely floral touch.

You can explore some of your best options in this look at Givenchy, Jason Wu, ADEAM, and Derek Lam.

Chic and funky flats dominate the footwear

The fact that majority of the designers prefer comfort to style and glamour when designing footwear, has come as a delightful breath of fresh air. And why not? Now you can buy designer footwear that you can actually wear and that too without hurting and blistering your feet.

Check out Victoria Beckham, Edun, Alexander Wang and Trademark for some comfortably and trendy flats.

A bold Spanish Red is all the rage

Nearly all the major names have played the gorgeous and unique Spanish touch to the hilt. Above all, the Spanish influences, sensational and bold hues of red in gorgeously flowing silhouettes have emerged as the trendiest look.

If you want to mollify your inner goddess, and make her go insanely captivating, try out some of these exclusive Spanish red pieces by Diane Von Furstenberg, Proenza Schouler, Michael Kors and Oscar de la Renta.

Embrace the see-through seduction of sheer net

Designers have gone crazy about net this season, and the runways are glistening with gorgeous sheer net ensembles that define sensuality and irresistible temptation.

Marchessa, Alexander Wang, Creatures of the Wind and Proenza Schouler are your ultimate destination for some of the most magnificent sheer net dresses to rock the spring fashion in 2016.

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First Look at Kendall and Kylie Jenner's Clothing Line

Posted by Champion Cleaners Fashion Blogger

jenner.jpgHaving collaborated with clothing tycoons Topshop and Forever New in the past, Kylie and Kendall have now dared to venture into the world of fashion designing all alone. The Jenner sisters’ clothing line is soon to hit the shelves and to pique the interest of their fans, they have taken a liking to posting pictures of the upcoming clothing collection on Instagram, giving a sneak peek into their forthcoming apparel collection which is already anticipated to be an instant success. The collection is expected to be launched at New York Fashion Week.

This venture is the latest addition to the teens’ already filled calendars. Their plates were clearly not already loaded and this new project will hopefully fill the void for them, giving them the perfect opportunity to flaunt their creative streak. This clothing collection is being predicted to be a perfect show of the classy Kardashian fashion taste which is an innate part of the sisters’ blood. This clothing line is anticipated to bring forth some truly exceptional and chic dresses and fashion trends for teenage girls.

The few pictures that are trending on the social media depict this clothes collection to be an absolute feast for the eyes with the duo dressed in high-waisted shorts, bandeau tops, faded denim and comfortable button-down shirts. The collection definitely has a bohemian touch to it. As if to make a statement, the flower wreath that Kendall has worn in the pictures completes the effect. These pictures have intrigued the public who can’t wait for this collection to be launched to see the Kardashian magic unleashed in full force.

The dresses definitely make us think of long, lazy summer days and flirty passion. The teens are definitely following in their elder sister’s footsteps when it comes to fashion. Planning to take their clothing line down the runway, it seems like they’ll stop at nothing to make their signature mark in the world of fashion and clothing and this first look into their most awaited dress assortment says it all. Who knows, may be the duo will be the next big names of the fashion industry in the upcoming years.

The upcoming clothing line is certainly a cross between style and affordability and is targeted at the youngsters who want to sport a stylish look without making a big hole in their pockets. The collection is all contemporary fashion classiness combined into one. The date of the debut is all set and all we have to do now is to wait for this collection to enter with a bang at New York Fashion Week on February 8. Stay tuned for what the Jenner sisters have in store for us!

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Posted by Champion Cleaners Fashion Blogger


workingpeople-260969-editedAn age old adage says that first impression is the last impression. The same holds true when it comes to your office look. Even before you have given your pitch or stood up for your perfectly prepared presentation, the audience will make up their minds based on how you look. Keep in mind, your attire, accessories, makeup and even the fragrance you wear makes a huge difference. Your appearance and demeanor determines how people respond to you. True there is no ‘UNIVERSALLY ACCEPTED’ office look which might help you out of your dilemma.  

However there are some suggestions and tips on how to achieve a classy and elegant yet professional office look.


An expensive, durable dark jacket will for not only suit your purpose but will also last longer as compared to a low-cost purchase. Invest in quality instead of quantity.



Stick to your company’s professional dress policy and try to adhere to the overall company culture. Coat dresses, coordinated separates, pant coats, white blouses are generally good for every workplace. It is important not to show off much skin or wearing deep necklines. Organizations prefer female workers to be elegantly dressed. This does not imply that you have to wear your grandma’s dresses. Opt for classy and elegant looks like monochrome dresses with dark peep-toes or a classy skirt with an elegant jacket.


They say, give a girl the right kind of shoes and she will conquer the world.  The key is to choose something which is comfortable. Remember, ‘Behind every successful woman is a fabulous pair of shoes.’ A quality pair of shoes will keep you on your feet and will last you all the day long.


Just like dressing, the objective of your makeup must be a professional look. So stash away your sultry red lipsticks for date-nights and instead opt for soft matte colors. Use of excessive cosmetics is not recommended. Try to attain a balance in your accessories as well. Your clothes, hand bags, shoes and makeup should be coordinated and must give you a polished look. Avoid using reds, instead go for lighter pastels or mattes that will give you fresh and glorious look.

You can use all your make-up kit including foundation, eye shades, blushes and lipsticks but in a decent and balanced way.


Use a good moisturizer daily and invest some time every night to take care of your hands, skin, hair and feet. Glowing skin, silky hair, manicured hands and feet reflect flawlessness and beauty. 

6.     HAIR

As it is well said, “you are never fully dressed without great hair.” For working women it is always challenging to attain a perfect neat look within the shortest possible duration. Never have your hair falling all over your face. A neatly tied pony tail and bun is a good choice. You can get creative with that, like for instance you can opt for inverted or side pony tails or can add bobby pins to your buns which can give you an entire professional look but with an edge. If you want to avoid matronly buns, opt for half tied hair or loosely tied, side swept hair.

7.     A BIG NO NO 

There are few things that can entirely ruin your impression and thus are a big no no for every working woman.

  • Use of bright and overly done wild prints
  • Excessive jewelry and accessories
  • Strappy shoes or knee-highs (unless you work for Vogue of course)
  • Chipped nail paint
  • Overly done make-up
  • Chewing gum

Keep it elegant, keep it professional. Happy Working!!

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Posted by Champion Cleaners Fashion Blogger

It takes but a subtle aesthetic sense to enjoy the Fall season. The falling leaves, end of heat wave, pleasantly cold weather, orange-ish dusks and October…. it does not get better than this.  

Fall is the love of fashionistas owing to the fact that you can show off your skin with a play on your wardrobe without having to worry about the cold gusty winters or the scorching sun waves.  So it comes to the ultimate question… what are the must haves for your stunning fall wardrobe this year? Yellows and vibrant florals, turtleneck sweaters-to name a few. Fashion month has come to an end and it is high time to refurbish your wardrobes and fill them up with cute clothing and accessories.

You can gamble on the facts that there will be some warm fabric on every runway, down toned colors and yes you got it right- the coats.

So here is a quick guide to the 10 must-haves that you must include in your ensemble this Fall.


The best part of wearing Ripped jeans is that it pairs up with almost with anything. In accordance with Fall, darker denim tones are an absolute hit. You can select from camouflage green, black or maroon and create your own style statement. So show off those toned legs in your ripped jeans as you take a walk across the leaf strewn paths.

2.      WARM PLAID

Plaid is a quintessential of fall fashion. You can fold the plaid on your sleeves or can rock it under you 


sweater or jacket. You can also opt for patterned pieces. Go for oranges, reds and yellows to get a play on autumn colors.


Magnificent fur coats are an ultimate choice for the fall season. A faux fur hooded jacket can give an extravagant touch to even a simple and casual outfit.


Fall implies a lighter weather, devoid of winter chill, which is perfect to rock ankle booties. You can pair them up with some jeans or even shorts, if you like. Ankle boots is a sure way to up your game on the trendy look. These booties, unlike high boots are not very heavy and won’t even make you sweat.ankloeblackboots


Any woman can wear a great outfit, but it is her nails that make the statement. Make your very own statement by painting your nails with darker shades this fall. You can choose from maroons, browns, purples and orange.


You can never go wrong with cable knit sweaters. You can wear them with your jeans in the mildly cool evenings. The must-have fall colors include mustard or beige. They are absolutely cozy and classic. So time to get those sweaters dry-cleaned and ready to be shown off.  


Add variety to your style this season. You can use them the way you like. Wear it in a sophisticated knot or just as a wrap around your shoulder to give you that cozy, comfy feel. Opt for vibrant evening sun colors and all eyes will be on you.


Bring life to your attire this season and spice it up with darker, bolder shades of lip color. It takes a certain amount of courage to go dark. Take the leap. You won’t regret it. Our personal favorite this fall is burgundy.


Fall, thy name is vibrancy and spark. Add some beautiful moody dresses to your collection this season. The must-haves this season are the dresses with a play on hem which gives a contemporary look to what seems like a conventional dress. On the up side, you can wear these dresses to office or spice them up with accessories and high heels for date-nights.


Apart from the conventional colors like red, orange and yellow, Fall 2015 will see some fun in the shades of marsala, oak yellow, soft creams, roses, mustards, pastels and the ever in black.

So hurry up! And be your own stylist this fall by mixing various essentials and bring them to life using your creativity. Happy Dressing!!


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