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hatchling_neckline2.jpgThere are two kinds of approaches to fashion trends. At one hand, fashion might become rampant just like molten lava, spreading out at a monumental pace. On the other hand, it might hit the masses with a dribbling impact, through which you might observe someone carrying a fashion item and think, ‘that’s impressive’ and then again you notice it another time elsewhere, and it echoes and abruptly you just can’t resist observing it.

Hint the latest hatchling neckline, which is also known as the ‘baby turtle’ in the fashion world - a style that is quite appealing, however not as much as a polo neck and not at all crimped over. Consider it as your latest neckline, a pleasant shift from the spotless, crisp white shirt freedom that has been in for decades.

Amidst this year’s spring collection, the neckline style appeared at Marni in all sort of Lego-shine and we’ve also witnessed the hatchling neckline at Isabel Marant in abstracted white ribs coordinated with the trousers made from silver foil. And not to forget, the style at Valentino, where it was carried out in charismatic speckled black suede and last but not the least, in abrupt silk organza at Dior.

The question is why everybody loves the trend. Our answer: it’s quite obvious as it looks distinctly contemporary and is absolutely perfect for masking sagging neck skin due to increasing age.

It was amazing to see the trend captured in the form of jewelry as well, as we’ve seen it at Olivier Rousteing who clasped his BALMAINARMY in carved hatchlings of gleaming gold. We admit the style didn’t look complacent, however it looked absolutely stunning.

The best part is that you can count on the trend continuing into the next autumn and ahead. Remember, the trend has a long life span.

How to flaunt this look?

hatchling_neckline.jpgSome of the ways through which you can carry your hatchling neckline with ultimate style includes wearing it up with hair not tightly tied and with easy going adornments which will assure that the style doesn’t feel stifling.

What we’ve witnessed on runways amidst Marni presentation, the neckline builds an indispensable base layer beneath nearly all the looks. To combat the winter chill, you can use your hatching underneath your summer attires. Besides, the inclusion of sunnies for an ensemble prepares one for sunnier climate.

What we adored about Isabel Marant hatching tops was the 90’s outline when coupled with fume-imbued pants made of gold foil. You can even opt for a bare shoulder along with a hatchling neck just like Christine Centenera to blend two trends into one.

Another great way to carry your hatchling is to wear it up with an A-line skirt to add depth and grace to your look. If you are someone who cannot compromise on jewelry for any style, you can take a cue from Camille Charriére presentation that included a stylish geometric pendant along with the conventional hatchlings.

Honestly, you can go as creative as you want and it’s entirely up to you how you carry the trend with ultimate finesse and decorum.

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First Look at Kendall and Kylie Jenner's Clothing Line

Posted by Champion Cleaners Fashion Blogger

jenner.jpgHaving collaborated with clothing tycoons Topshop and Forever New in the past, Kylie and Kendall have now dared to venture into the world of fashion designing all alone. The Jenner sisters’ clothing line is soon to hit the shelves and to pique the interest of their fans, they have taken a liking to posting pictures of the upcoming clothing collection on Instagram, giving a sneak peek into their forthcoming apparel collection which is already anticipated to be an instant success. The collection is expected to be launched at New York Fashion Week.

This venture is the latest addition to the teens’ already filled calendars. Their plates were clearly not already loaded and this new project will hopefully fill the void for them, giving them the perfect opportunity to flaunt their creative streak. This clothing collection is being predicted to be a perfect show of the classy Kardashian fashion taste which is an innate part of the sisters’ blood. This clothing line is anticipated to bring forth some truly exceptional and chic dresses and fashion trends for teenage girls.

The few pictures that are trending on the social media depict this clothes collection to be an absolute feast for the eyes with the duo dressed in high-waisted shorts, bandeau tops, faded denim and comfortable button-down shirts. The collection definitely has a bohemian touch to it. As if to make a statement, the flower wreath that Kendall has worn in the pictures completes the effect. These pictures have intrigued the public who can’t wait for this collection to be launched to see the Kardashian magic unleashed in full force.

The dresses definitely make us think of long, lazy summer days and flirty passion. The teens are definitely following in their elder sister’s footsteps when it comes to fashion. Planning to take their clothing line down the runway, it seems like they’ll stop at nothing to make their signature mark in the world of fashion and clothing and this first look into their most awaited dress assortment says it all. Who knows, may be the duo will be the next big names of the fashion industry in the upcoming years.

The upcoming clothing line is certainly a cross between style and affordability and is targeted at the youngsters who want to sport a stylish look without making a big hole in their pockets. The collection is all contemporary fashion classiness combined into one. The date of the debut is all set and all we have to do now is to wait for this collection to enter with a bang at New York Fashion Week on February 8. Stay tuned for what the Jenner sisters have in store for us!

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Posted by Champion Cleaners Fashion Blogger

resortwear.jpgWe all can’t wait for the holiday season for it offers us a break from the usual tiring routine….a time for us to stretch ourselves lazily and bask in the beautiful weather.  Nothing is more fun than a respite and holiday resort and to nail your resort style for a perfect holiday, you need to be inventive as well as classy.

This year, fashionistas have really embraced the printed styles and charmed us with their impeccable designs and polished flairs. From bright floral to eye-popping fruity colors and from pinstripes to reptile prints, this holiday season is going to be really exciting with these fun-filled and funky textures and prints. This little guideline will help you pack your travel bag with ultimate style-filled attires and accessories.


For an alluring evening look, nothing beats a vibrant neon-based outfit with stylish adornments. Whether it is a stylish skirt or an elegant gown, a maxi or a simple chic frock, you can brighten any style with a touch of neon. You can pair your outfit with pumps and some stylish jewelry pieces to complete your evening attire. Whether it is a cruise trip or you are out for a night-out at some resort, this resort fashion essential will make you stand out in the crowd. 


Resort fashion is all about intelligently combining your favorite styles. The recent trend witnessed by us this season is fusion of your swim suit with your regular clothes. The style looks unique, very casual and is ideal for beaches and pool parties.


For a boot camp kind of holiday break, a utilitarian army-influenced staple is fit for your closet. You can pair this up with an embellished cargo jacket to have a feminine look.


Peplum is an all-time favorite resort trend. The latest style embraces the addition of fringe to the conventional peplums.  The style goes perfect with flats and wedges. A comfortable yet chic resort style this season!


Marble printed Monochrome ensembles are hot this season. Whether it’s a skirt, a coat or a top, the style goes well with all of them.


For a wild, funky aura, reptile imprints are getting popular these days. The best part is that you can accessorize your reptile or python imprinted attire with the matching adornments, such as bracelets, bangles, earrings, belts and shoes. How about injecting a reptile-influence nail art to complete your resort look?


Artisanal art is a fashion enchantment and this year embroidery is at the top of this craft. Embroidered jeans, tops, skirts and even maxis and frocks are hot this season. You can wear them casually or even at the night time of your excursion. A must-have staple for your travel bag indeed!


Stripes style is another all-time favorite print. This season is all about blazing colors and you can incorporate these colors in your stripes collection as well. The best part is that you can select from the number of available patterns like vertical, horizontal etc. which can enhance your body type.


For resort fashion, designers have used eccentric combinations. Try to switch from the traditional black and white and let’s have an eye-popping, blazing resort fashion this season.

Be stylish and Happy Vacations!

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3 Tips for Prom Dress Preservation

Posted by David Whitehurst

Prom is one of the most magical nights of a young woman’s life. A prom dress isn’t just what she wears that night – it’s a symbol of her entire high school experience. Whether you’re interested in prom dress preservation so you can keep the dress fresh for years to come, or you simply want a younger sibling to be able to use it at her prom, these three great tips will ensure it’s in excellent shape.

1.         Start with dry cleaning

After the dress is worn, the first step in prom dress preservation is to have it professionally dry cleaned. Remember that not all stains are visible, and even those you can’t see with the naked eye could ultimately ruin the dress. The longer it is between the time the stain occurred and the time you have it dry cleaned, the more the stain can soak in and ruin your prom dress.

2.         Storage is important

Taking prom dress preservation seriously means not storing just anywhere. Store it in a cool, dry place. Storing it in a hot or humid place can discolor your dress or cause it to mold. Storing it in direct sunlight can also discolor your dress. Once you find the right spot, check on it every once in a while to make sure it’s in good shape and doesn’t need your attention.

If you store the dress in a closet, be careful with how it hangs.  Use the loops inside the dress to take some weight off the straps. You should use padded hangers if the dress has straps.  And be careful how you pin a strapless dress to the hanger. Otherwise, the seams may stretch over time. If you plan to store the dress in a closet, get a muslin garment bag to protest it from light, kids and pets.

If you plan to keep the prom dress for years to come, the best way is to store it in a completely acid-free preservation chest.  These are museum-quality boxes that certified wedding gown specialists can provide.  They allow the dress to breathe, protect the dress while storing and require less space in your closet.  But be sure to not stack pillows, blankets or other items on top or or shoved up against the preservation chest because they will not allow air to reach the dress inside the chest.

3.         Fold it and stuff it carefully

Stuff the bodice and any curved areas of the dress with acid-free tissue paper to keep these areas from getting creased over time. Then fold the dress carefully and wrap it up with the same tissue paper described above. Be sure to use acid-free white tissue paper to avoid any color transferring to the dress.

These three tips are the best prom dress preservation tips we’ve addressed in our wedding gown preservation business and are the same as we give Brides after their wedding. When you follow them closely you can count on your dress staying fresh and ready to wear for years to come!

Dealing with Missing Buttons: What to Do When Your Shirts Come Back Without Buttons

Posted by David Whitehurst

buttonsDress shirts sent for professional cleaning are typically water-washed with soap, starched, and then pressed on a 3-part (collar/cuffs, sleeves and body) shirt steam/pressing machine. Shirt buttons can break while cleaning, when pressing, or just when trying to button your dress shirt.  While not a catastrophic event, it can be bothersome if you happen to be on a business trip and your important meeting is in an hour.

So, what to do? Here are a few things you can try both before and after your button’s gone missing at the cleaners.

  • There’s a possibility the button was missing before you dropped your shirts and blouses off at the dry cleaner. Take a quick look at your garments before leaving them at the cleaners and point this out to the attendant when dropping the off.  If you can't remember to do this, place a safety pin where the button belongs and that should get the dry cleaner's attention.
  • Top-notch dry cleaning services (including Champion Cleaners here in the Birmingham, Alabama area) will make the time to check for missing buttons before and after the dry cleaning process is completed, so only take your clothing to a reputable location. Though even the best service will occasionally miss one, you should use someone who makes the effort and replaces the missing buttons before returning the garment to you.
  • You can request that your cotton and cotton-blend shirts and blouses be dry cleaned rather than laundered. This leaves a softer feel on your shirts and blouses and is especially appropriate for delicate items. Shirt creases are not as sharp.  Expect to pay more for this option, as it requires more labor.
  • It’s possible the buttons come off because the thread is loose. Try sewing your buttons back on with professional grade thread or even dental floss, which is incredibly strong.  But make sure the thread color used is the same as for the rest of the buttons.

As for that button you need replaced for the meeting? Check the inside of the garment to make sure there isn’t a spare, usually on a side seam near the bottom of the shirt. Use your travel sewing kit or ask for one at the front desk. Those little kits usually include one or two buttons that will do in a pinch, and most people will not notice your buttons don’t match. You can also try taking a button from the part of the shirt that gets tucked in and move it to the visible location.

A good dry cleaning service will often replace your shirt buttons free of charge as part of their services. Some dry cleaners will even give you a discount on future dry cleaning services if you have to return for button replacement. Don’t be afraid to ask – reputable dry cleaners want to earn your trust and keep your business.

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