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Caring for Coats

Top 7 Fall Trends Straight off the Runways!

Chic Ensembles to Glam up your Prom

Prairie Dress: In Vogue for Spring 2016

4 Spring Trends you Need to Flaunt Before Everyone Else Catches on!


First Look at Kendall and Kylie Jenner's Clothing Line


3 Tips for Prom Dress Preservation

Dealing with Missing Buttons: What to Do When Your Shirts Come Back Without Buttons

Why Dry Cleaning is Essential for Suits and Dress Clothes

5 Steps to Properly Caring For Your Dress Shirts

How Often Should Dress Clothes be Dry Cleaned?

3 Tips for Caring For Suits



How to Keep Dress Shirts Looking New For Longer

3 Tips for Handling Stains on Dry Clean Only Clothing

Hit by a Flood? Don't Throw Those Clothes Away - Restore Them!

How to Keep Linen Dress Clothes Looking Fresh

Does Dry Clean Only Really Mean Dry Clean Only?

Choosing the Right Dry Cleaner: What to Look For

How Does Fabric Restoration Work?

Don't Always Blame Your Dry Cleaner When Your Dress Shrinks

Is your Garment Spot Clean Only?

Rug Cleaning in Birmingham, Alabama

Dry Clean Your Comforters, Duvet Cover and Bedspreads When Painting

Clothing Care - The Single Biggest Mistake

Clothing Care - Don't Put Them Away Wet

Fire & Water Damage Restoration for Textiles - Birmingham, AL

Why Invest in a Mesh Laundry Bag?

Keep Your Washing Machine and Laundry Smelling Fresh

Doing Your Laundry With A High Efficiency Washing Machine

Care and Cleaning of White Denim

How a Dry Cleaning Service Can Help You Live A Better Life

How to Properly Sort Your Laundry

Be Photogenic with Proper Dry Cleaning and Garment Selection

Keeping Laundry and Dry Cleaning Stains Under Control

Summer 2013 Officewear Trends for Women From Your Dry Cleaner

Did Your Dry Cleaner Shrink Your Blouse?

A Dry Cleaners Problem With Customer-Made Comforters

Get Rid of Moths In Your Clothes and Closet - Cleaning Required!

How to Remove Coffee Stains on Dress Shirts, Upholstery, and Carpet

Guide: Care and Cleaning of Common Clothing Fabrics

Maytag Equipped Laundry at Champion Cleaners Opens in Calera

Restoring Clothes After Flood, Fire, and Other Disasters

How to Remove Fuzz Balls When Cleaning Sweaters

Professional Leather Cleaning

What is Spot Clean Only?

Wash and Fold (Birmingham, Al) Service

How to Find the Best Dry Cleaner

How to Clean A Handmade Quilt - Advice From A Dry Cleaner

Starch In My Dress Shirts

Clothing Defects In Dress Shirts...and More

Care and Cleaning of a Christmas Tree Skirt

How To Remove Mold Smells and Stains From Clothes

Tips from A Dry Cleaner For Removing Stains from Tablecloths

Halloween Stain Removal at the Dry Cleaner

Expert Alterations: Types of Hems

Professional Dry Cleaning of Band Uniforms

Ugg Boot Cleaning in Birmingham Alabama

Is Cleaning by Hand Washing The Same as Machine Washing on Delicate?

Why Take Your Neck Ties To a Professional Dry Cleaner

Why Do Shirts Lose Their Buttons At The Shirt Laundry?

Tiny Holes in Shirts: Is it my Dry Cleaner? Where do they come from?

Laundry Pickup and Delivery Service In Birmingham Alabama

How Often Should I Dry Clean My Leather Jacket?

Avoid Fast Fashion - Try Vintage Clothing

Garment Restoration After Fire Or Flood

High Quality Clothing, Alterations, and Repairs

Non Iron Wrinkle Free Dress Shirts

Bed Sheet and Comforter Cleaning

How Do I Clean A Designer Dress That Says "Spot Clean Only?"

Dress Shirt Issues: Ring Around The Collar

Cleaning and Preserving Band Uniforms for Long-Term Storage

Champion Cleaners Customers of the Month For May 2012

Champion Cleaners Wash and Fold Service

After-Hours Pick Up and Drop Off For Your Dry Cleaning

Same Day Dry Cleaning in Birmingham Alabama? Of Course!

The Best Dry Cleaners in Birmingham, Alabama Are Champions

Alterations at Champion Cleaners

Champion Cleaners in Calera Has Moved

Comforter Cleaning in Birmingham, Alabama

Top 5 Problems with Dress Shirts...And How To Prevent Them

Should Fashion Trends Affect Your Tuxedo?

Champion Cleaners Customers of the Month in April 2012

The Best Clothing Alterations in Birmingham, Alabama

Caring for Dress Shirts

Ugg Boot Cleaning in Birmingham Alabama

Champion Cleaners Customers of the Month in March 2012

Same Day Dry Cleaner In Birmingham Alabama Saves the Day

Dry Cleaning Pick Up and Delivery Service in Birmingham Alabama

Bought A Used Wedding Dress? What's Next To Prepare For The Wedding?

Removing Sauce Stains From Your Laundry

Dealing with the Dirty Dozen of Stain Removal: Grass Stains

How to fold a fitted sheet

Introducing call ahead dry cleaning pick-up service!

What To Do With Lingerie When Valentine’s Day Is Over

Dealing with the Dirty Dozen of Stain Removal: Make-up

Two ways to clean your Uggs

February 2012 Champion Cleaners Customers of the Month

Dealing with the Dirty Dozen - Deodorant/Antiperspirant Stains

Secrets your dry cleaner doesn't want you to know, part 4

Would you give us a peek inside your laundry room?

Wax on....wax off

Dealing with the Dirty Dozen: Coffee and Tea

Washing Winter Staples

January 2012 Customers of the Month

David has his say on “Senior Moments”

Don’t put your holiday finest away dirty!

Secrets your dry cleaner doesn't want you to know, part 3

Table and bedding linens dry cleaning special!

Have a tidy Christmas!

Christmas hours and dry cleaning route service schedule

Secrets your dry cleaner doesn't want you to know, part 2

Dealing with the Dirty Dozen: Sauces

David has his say about having a "stress-free" holiday

How clean is your washing machine?

Champion Cleaners December 2011 Customers of the Month

Secrets your dry cleaner doesn't want you to know, part 1

Combating the blood, sweat and tears of game day!

Happy Thanksgiving from Champion Cleaners!

How we keep track of your dry cleaning

Announcing our "Clean Up for the Holidays" Contest!

David Has His Say: Why Dress Shirts Wear Out

Champion Cleaners November 2011 Customers of the Month

November Deal of the Month

Dealing with the Dirty Dozen: Mustard

Don’t toss that Halloween costume! Care for it and use again next year!

Dealing with the Dirty Dozen: Grease Stains

How the laundered shirt process works at the dry cleaners

Top 5 fixes when pet poop and kitty caca make your carpets funky

Common Stains on Women's Dry Cleaning

Getting a Head Start on Your Winter Dry Cleaning

5 Clothing Care Tips From Your Dry Cleaner

Treating Collar Stains in Dress Shirts - Tips from Your Dry Cleaner

Champion Cleaners Customers of the Month in October 2011

A Dry Cleaner's Tips About Buying Vintage Clothing

Cleaning Leather Garments

Winter 2011 Trends for Women From Your Dry Cleaner

Dry Cleaning Customers of the Month - Sept. 2011

Fall 2011 Trends for Women From Your Dry Cleaner

Top 3 Men's Fashion Trends From Your Dry Cleaner

Top 5 Summer Fashion Trends for 2011 From Your Dry Cleaner

Six Essentials For Your Emergency Alterations Kit

Birmingham's Best Dry Cleaning Pickup and Delivery Service

Dry Cleaning Pick Up and Delivery Service Questions

Thoughts From Your Dry Cleaners About Dressing Up

Can Dry Cleaning Extend The Life Of Your Clothes?

More Fashion Trends for Summer 2011 From Your Dry Cleaner

August Dry Cleaning Customers of the Month - August 2011

Wanted: Mold Removal Birmingham AL

The Return of the Dress Suit at Dry Cleaners

Dry Cleaner FAQ About "Dry Clean Only"...And More

Advances in Dry Cleaning

Common Dry Cleaning Questions - FAQ for Dry Cleaners

Dry Cleaning Pick-Up and Delivery Service

Champion Cleaners Customers of the Month for June and July 2011

How To Remove Blood Stains From Rugs, Carpet and Upholstery

Common Laundry Myths

Can I Dry Clean This?

Laundry For Dummies – Teaching The Kids

Ways To Help Your Dry Cleaner Help Your Clothes

The Mad Hatter Prefers Dry Cleaning!

Graduation Day Dry Cleaning

Find Your Perfect Summer Area Rugs

The Pros and Cons of Wet Cleaning

Six Summer Travel Tips From the Dry Cleaners

Do It Yourself Carpet Cleaning

Can Stain-Resistant Clothing Really Protect Your Laundry?

Dry Cleaning vs. Removing Common Stains at Home

Why Some Dry Cleaners Charge More For Cleaning A Woman's Shirt

How To Remove Red Wine Stains From Carpet

Special Help From Your Dry Cleaner For Your Whites

A Greener Dry Cleaning Experience

What To Do When You Have Water Damage In Your Home

Five Tips For Cleaning Clothes With Sequins

Champion Cleaners Customers of the Month in May 2011

Why Is It Called Dry Cleaning?

How Dry Cleaners Remove Stains

Uoholstery Cleaning - DIY or Use A Professional?

Eight Steps To Find The Best Vacuum Cleaner For You

When Vacuuming Oriental Rugs Isn't Enough

Five Dry Cleaning Trends for 2011

Why Leave Tile and Grout Cleaning to the Professionals?

Can You Wash "Dry Clean Only" Items at Home?

Dry Cleaning Kills Bed Bugs - Got Any?

How Dry Cleaning Works

Why Use Professional Leather Cleaners?

Should You Dry Clean Your Clothes Before Storing Them?

Cleaning Leather So It Will Last A Lifetime

The Misconceptions of Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Tips For Pet Owners

Dealing with Gym Wear in Your Laundry

Fuzz Balls on Your Sweaters?

Cleaning Crayon Stains On Rugs, Clothes and Walls

The Truth About Home Dry Cleaning - From A Dry Cleaner

Champion Cleaners Customers of The Month for April

Carpet Dry Cleaning vs. Carpet Steam Cleaning?

When White Dress Shirts Fade

Environmentally Friendly Dry Cleaning

So Why Dry Clean?

Got Shrinkage? Here's How It Can Happen On A Man's...Dress Shirt

Dress Shirt Defects - Three Common Problems

Who Is Greener: The Dry Cleaner Or Your Home Laundry?

Dress Shirts - How Long Should They Last?

Spills on Silk: What Should You...or Your Dry Cleaner Do?

Why Did Your Professional Laundry Rip Your Dress Shirt?

Champion Cleaners - Calera Celebrates Grand Opening

The Dry Cleaner and The Invisible Stain

What Might Be Growing In Your Air Ducts

Should You Blame Your Dry Cleaner For A Faded Shirt?

A Dry Cleaner's Home Remedies For Red Wine Spills

7 Revealing Questions to Ask Your Dry Cleaner

Oriental Rugs: Five Steps To Remove Urine Stains

Champion Cleaners' Grand Opening in Calera

What To Do If Your Laundry Sours In The Washer?

Dry Cleaning Pickup With Next Day Delivery...Is this Possible?

What's the Difference in Dry Cleaning and Wet Cleaning?

Does Your Dog Bed Need Cleaning?

Cleaning Cuffs and Collars - Care of Blouses, Shirts & Sweaters

The Dry Cleaners' Truth About Stain Removal

Five Questions to Ask About A Dry Cleaning Delivery Service

Can A Dirty Air Duct Lead To Allergy Symptoms And Even Illness?

Dry Cleaning Hours And Pickup & Delivery Service - Holiday Schedule

Dry Cleaning Pickup and Delivery Service - Five Questions

Garbage PickUp Schedule in the Birmingham Alabama Area

What Does "Spot Clean Only" Mean When It's Time to Dry Clean?

Rod & Lisa Woodford Win $100 in Dry Cleaning from Champion

Champion Cleaners Hours For Thanksgiving and The Iron Bowl

Champion Cleaners Opens in Calera, Alabama

Does Your Dry Cleaning Lose It Press In Your Closet Overnight?

Free Tickets to Viva Vestavia To The Next Customer To Friend Me On FB

Gloria Kessler Wins $100 in Dry Cleaning at Champion - Greystone

Viva Vestavia Hills - Food, Wine & Friends on October 26

Sleeping With The Enemy, Home Cleaning and Allergens

Clean Your Comforter And Other Bed Linens For Bed Bugs

City of Vestavia Hills 60th Anniversary Dinner on November 9, 2010

Pressed4Time Out Of Business? Try Dry Cleaning Delivery from Champion

Suzanne Blum of Vestavia Wins $100 in Free Dry Cleaning from Champion

Mount Laurel Elementary School Renaissance Faire

Champions Tour To Play Shoal Creek as Regions Tradition

Birmingham Dry Cleaning Pickup & Delivery Schedule For Labor Day Week

Birminhgam Dry Cleaner Offers $100.00 In Free Dry Cleaning

Birmingham Dry Cleaner To Clean Your Team Shirt for $1.00-If You Win

Birmingham REALTOR® Loves Dry Cleaning Delivery Service

Hoover Chamber Golf Classic at Riverchase Country Club

"I Love America" Celebration - Part 2 - in Vestavia Hills

Alterations In Birmingham, Alabama

Eagle Point Golf Club Hosts Spina Bifida Association Fund Raiser

Vestavia Hills Soccer Club Hosts Soccer at Liberty Park

3 Easy Steps For Keeping a Beautiful Area Rug in Birmingham, Alabama

Miss Hoover Pageant Scheduled for July 16, 2020

Champion Cleaners in Birmingham Now Offering CustomerConnect

Vestavia Hills "I Love America" Celebration Set For July 1, 2010

Wash & Fold Service in Birmingham - A Life Saver for Some

Birmingham Dry Cleaner Welcomes Symphony To Greystone At Highway 280

Dry Cleaning Delivery in Birmingham, Alabama

Keep Your Gulf Beach Plans - Don't Let the Oil Stop You

Neckties - Always a Dry Cleaner's Challenge

Dry Cleaning Pickup and Delivery

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