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How clean is your washing machine?

Posted by David Whitehurst on Dec 6, 2011 7:00:00 AM

washerHold on to your hats, because we’re about to get raw on the blog today about an unpleasant but very real laundry issue. As you’re hopefully aware of, there are many advantages to having your laundry done at the dry cleaners, but one major reason to consider it is that we use water that’s hot enough (140-160 degrees) to kill bacteria and disease-causing microorganisms that can linger on your clothes. Home water heaters aren’t often set that high. But why is this so important?

One environmental microbiologist, Charles Gerba, did a recent study involving 50 homes in Tucson, AZ and 50 homes in Tampa Bay, FL. He found coliform bacteria, an indicator of unsanitary conditions, including E-coli in many of these homes’ washing machines.

But where does this bacteria come from? Well, to put it bluntly, it comes from feces in underwear that can contaminate all your other laundry, even laundry in the next load. One of the greatest risks involves a person getting bacteria on their hands while transferring wet laundry to the dryer. In cases where the laundry room is right next to the kitchen, hands might not be washed properly before preparing food or eating.

One problem is that many people only wash their clothes in cold water, which won’t stand much chance of killing any bacteria. Industry experts think only about 5 percent of Americans still use hot water these days for their laundry.

OUR TIP: If you don’t want to bring all your laundry in for us to handle for you, consider this option --Soak the washing drum with a little bleach once a month, then run the rinse cycle to help clean out all the bacteria that remains in the washer. Also consider washing your loads with the hottest water possible, and be sure to wash your hands after handling dirty laundry. 
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