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Treating Collar Stains in Dress Shirts - Tips from Your Dry Cleaner

Posted by Matt Whitehurst on Sep 29, 2011 2:20:00 PM

 Tips from your dry cleaner about collar stains on your dress shirts

Ring Around the Collar:

It's not a new children's game, it's a major dry cleaning concern.  Both dress shirt wearers and some professional dry cleaners worry about ring around the collar, as it is a frequent occurrence and can be very difficult to clean.

Any quick Google search of the "ring around the collar" phrase will bring up numerous websites offering home remedies for this unfortunate the of staining, but home remedies are usually risky.  They can be especially risky when you are dealing with a delicate fabric that may stretch or warp after touching certain cleaning materials.

Even with the most advanced at-home laundry techniques, ring around the collar remains a steady problem for many people.  From white-collar professionals to high school students, and from men to women, this problem seems to affect everyone at some time or another.  We can't have everyone running out to buy new clothes just because of an unsightly collar stain, however, so it's a good thing that there are high-powered cleaning products available to dry cleaners to address problems like this.

Remedies for Collar Stains

Unlike at-home remedies and materials, dry cleaning materials are designed to be delicate on clothes, while remaining tough on stains.  For example, a specialty product used by dry cleaners called Collar Power, contains concentrated materials at quantities up to three times that of similar products.

Not only is this product incredibly strong, but it has a specialty spraying applicator to ensure even coverage.  It also works on much more than the collar of a shirt, though that is the quality that gives it its name.  Collar Power is also a successful way to clean khakis, which are known for holding stains.

Products of this nature are not only difficult to get, but they are difficult to use safely and correctly.  Dry cleaners have been trained to use specialty cleaning products, so we don't recommend you seek this product out.  You can, however, rest assured that your clothing is in good hands with us.  Dry cleaners are familiar with ring around the collar, and the best ways to deal with it. 

All Dry Cleaners Don't Pre-Treat Dress Shirt Collars

One other bit of information.  All dry cleaners don't use the products or pre-treat for cuff and collar stains at all.  Don't expect to get this type of treatment for your dress shirts from "low cost" dry cleaners.  They can't afford to purchase or spend the time applying this type of treatment to dress shirts.

You should get to relax at home, not worry about how you're going to remove the discoloration from your shirt.  Let us do the worrying, so you don't have to!

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