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Why Some Dry Cleaners Charge More For Cleaning A Woman's Shirt

Posted by David Whitehurst on Jun 7, 2011 6:29:00 PM

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You may have noticed that cleaning a woman's blouse is often more expensive than cleaning a man's dress shirt at many dry cleaners

Many women are confused by this fact, and some are even quite insulted by it.  In fact, there was a recent series of lawsuits against dry cleaners in reference to this fact, as many view it as sexist and unfair.  This has nothing to do with a dry cleaners vendetta against the female sex, however, but rather has to do with the history of dry cleaning. 

But please, before I get calls about this, at Champion Cleaners Birmingham locations in Vestavia Hills, Hoover on Highway 280 at Greystone and in Calera, Alabama this is not and has never been true.  We charge the same prices for men’s and women’s clothing in every category.

Dry Cleaning in the Past

Despite the fact that we are all currently comfortable with women in the work place, the reality is that this was not always the case.  It was only within recent years that the majority of women began pursuing careers, instead of pursuing the traditional female role of homemaker and child-rearer.  The dry cleaning business began as a predominantly male industry, as men were the only ones who needed to maintain their clothing for the workplace.

Because dry cleaning developed as a business catering to men, much of the mechanical items used by dry cleaners are designed for men's clothing.  Machines were crafted with men's suits and shirt sizes in mind, with little thought given to women's clothing.  Shirt presses and shirt bucks are still made with these sizes in mind.

Same Day Dry Cleaning Service

Many dry cleaners offer their customers a fast turnaround with their clothing.  It is not uncommon to find advertising for one day, or even same-day dry cleaning services.  This means that efficiency is a huge factor in how well a dry cleaning business will do.

Since the standard equipment used by dry cleaners was made with men's shirts in mind, most women's shirts require deviating from the traditional cleaning and pressing techniques.  It can even take three times as long to process a woman's blouse than it does for a man's dress shirt.  Because these garments require more time, many dry cleaners ask for a larger fee.  This is not meant to be a discriminatory practice, although it is perceived that way by some.  The extra expense is due to the extra time taken.

At Champion Cleaners Birmingham Locations

This is true at Champion Cleaners in Birmingham…our primary shirt pressing equipment is designed for men’s sizes.  But we don’t charge any more for a women’s laundered cotton shirt or blouse.   And they are hand-pressed...not for speed but for quality pressing.

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Same Day Dry Cleaning Service

At Champion Cleaners, we do our dry cleaning and laundry on site at each location.  This means that Same Day Dry Cleaning Service is our standard.  Most garments received weekdays by 10:00 am are ready for pickup by 5:00 pm the same day. And if you need it sooner, just ask!

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