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When Vacuuming Oriental Rugs Isn't Enough

Posted by David Whitehurst on May 9, 2011 5:18:00 PM

Oriental Rug Cleaning in Birmingham, Alabama

Oriental rugs are well-known for being the beautiful centerpiece of a given room.  With bright colors and intricate patterns, these rugs can be very expensive, and for good reason. 

Many Oriental rugs are handmade with millions of delicate fibers.  Because of this, Oriental rug cleaning can be a difficult undertaking, usually requiring more than typical home carpet cleaning supplies.

Build Up In Your Oriental Rug

Vacuuming can only do so much to spruce up Oriental rugs.  Over the years it may seem that vacuuming does the job, but as more time passes the tiny bits of dust, dirt, and grime will start to build up, getting deep into the fibers.  Without proper Oriental rug cleaning techniques, this build up can damage the fibers of the rug, even compromising the characteristic colors that make these pieces so lively and appealing.

Why a Professional Rug Cleaner

It takes a trained, professional rug and carpet cleaning service to restore Oriental rugs to close to their original beauty.  Professional rug cleaners have special techniques and products that can remove stains, while maintaining the glory of the patterns and colors.  Using typical carpet cleaning sprays or other concoctions can compromise the integrity of your magnificent centerpiece, and leave you with a damaged and useful piece of junk where there was once a prized decorative accessory.

With a skilled hand, professional rug cleaners are able to remove the deep build up from the delicate fibers of Oriental rugs.  Trying to do this at home runs the risk of damage the fibers, making the rug look worn and depleted.  Imagine putting a delicate lace undergarment through a wash and dry cycle, and you can begin to imagine the potential damage done to oriental rugs cleaned at home. 

Oriental rug cleaning is something that only professionals should handle, and you may regret it if you try to clean it yourself!  Take advantage of the skills and training of a professional rug cleaner in order to ensure that your special decorative items are around long enough to be passed down from generation to generation.

First Steps After A Spill

But if you have a spill or other accident, it is important to varefully blot the spill and get as much of the spill off the rug as possible.  Then get your Oriental rug to your professional rug cleaner who will work his magic.

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