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The Truth About Home Dry Cleaning - From A Dry Cleaner

Posted by David Whitehurst on Apr 4, 2011 10:05:00 AM

Dryel Home Dry Cleaning System

Many people wonder if the extremely advertised product, Dryel, is an effective way to “dry clean” at home.  After all, it would be more convenient than lugging your stuff in to us, right?

Considering that we can pick up and deliver your dry cleaningand laundry, it’s probably not more convenient!  But I’m not writing today about our dry cleaning pickup and delivery service.

While home dry cleaning systems may seem to be a convenient answer to dry cleaning your clothes in a pinch, it’s not a good option if you really need to clean your clothes.  This may sound self-serving to you since I’m a dry cleaner.  But when you rub a little stain remover on the stained area of your clothes, put the clothes in a bag and then the bag in the dryer, what gets out the perspiration and dirt that gets in your sweater or blouse? 

Dry Cleaning is Not Dry - How Do You Remove Dirt in Dryel?

Remember that professional dry cleaning is not a dry process.  A Dry Cleaner "washes" your clothes in a dry cleaning solution that removes dirt, perspiration and other undesirables.  The solution and grime is then removed by the dry cleaning process.  This doesn’t happen with the home dry cleaning solutions.  It’s a completely dry process.  How does this remove dirt?  Placing your clothes in a bag in the dryer, is not cleaning anything.  You should see the “gunk” that ends up in the dry cleaning process to know how much dirt and grime are in the clothes we clean.  So how does Dryel get this stuff out?  It doesn’t.

When you wash your clothes at home, you can choose the water temperature, rinsing options, and the type of detergent and softener that you use, as well as the length of drying time and the amount of heat that’s used. But with Dryel, you put the garments and solution in a bag and then stick it in a dryer for the recommended amount of time.  Simple?  Yes.  But this simplicity means that the experience is not customizable.

Just as you can dictate exactly how your clothes are washed and dried, a professional dry cleaner is equipped with machines that allow every detail of the cleaning experience to be controlled. In addition, the professionals know exactly how every detail of cleaning your clothing should be handled, from the amount and strength of solution, the type of brighteners and stain removal, the exact amount of “rinsing” extraction that should be applied, and the length of time it should be dried.

Smell is Important

Dryel will certainly provide a fresh smell to your clothes and make them feel clean, but that doesn’t mean they actually are clean. In a pinch it can be handy to freshen up a garment that you absolutely need the next morning.  But in the long (and even short) run it’s best to have your clothes cleaned by a professional dry cleaner to ensure that not only do they look and feel right, but they are cleaned correctly.  And remember, using Dryel requires your time and energy.

So what can Dryel do well?

  • Help remove stains in the area where you apply the stain remover

  • Improve the smell of your clothes (strong “flowery” small)

 And what does Dryel not do so well?

  • Remove perspiration, dirt and grime

  • Remove pet hair or lint

  • Steam or press your clothes to remove the wrinkles

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