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Champion Cleaners Customers of The Month for April

Posted by David Whitehurst on Apr 2, 2011 4:32:00 PM

Our employees thought it would be a good idea to make sure our dry cleaning and laundry customers know that we appreciate them.  Each month, we select a customer from each Champion Cleaners Dry Cleaning Center who is especially nice and fun to work with.

Lynn Lowry, Customer of the month at Champion Cleaners in Vestavia

And to top it off, they'll get $25.00 in Champion Cleaners dry cleaning and laundry for being who you are!

Lynn Lowry - Rocky Ridge in Vestavia

Here is Lynn Lowry, who lives in Buckhead in Vestavia, at our drive thru telling us that "We're Number 1" least I think that's what she's telling us.  You can look closely and decide for yourself.

Cindy Owen -Cindy Owen, Dry Cleaning Custome of The Month At Champion Cleaners Calera Calera 

Here's a photo of Cindy Owen from our drive thru as well.





Ginger Holcomb - Highway 280 in Greystone

Dry Cleaning Custoemr of the Month at Champion Cleaners Greystone

We didin't get a photo of Ginger, who lives in Greystone, so I used another one I already had.  I guess Ginger was too busy with wall art to come in for her professional photo shoot.



Thanks to these three dry cleaning customers...and to all of our regular customers.  We work for your you, everyday.  You're the boss and we love it!

Same Day Dry Cleaning Service Sign at Champion Cleaners resized 600

Same Day Dry Cleaning Service

At Champion Cleaners, we do our dry cleaning and laundry on site at each location.  This means that Same Day Dry Cleaning Service is our standard.  Garments received weekdays by 10:00 am are ready for pickup by 5:00 pm the same day. And if you need it sooner, just ask

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