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Dry Cleaning Pickup and Delivery Service - Five Questions

Posted by David Whitehurst on Dec 12, 2010 6:18:00 PM

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We're asked a lot of questions about our pickup and delivery service in the Birmingham, Alabvama area. Here are the the five most common qestions:

1. How much does FREE delivery really cost me?

This might seem a little illogical, be are we asked repeatedly how much or FREE dry cleaning pickup and delivery service really costs our customers.  The answer is, "Absolutely Nothing!" When we say FREE, we mean FREE.  We do not charge for dry cleaning pickup and delivery when you sign up for our twice-a-week service.

All we ask of our delivery customers is to average $30.00 a month in dry cleaning services and/or laundry services.  You don't have to have something every week.  Just average $30.00 a month over time.  That way, it makes sense for both of us.

2. What areas do you serve in Birmingham, Alabama?

We serve most of the areas south of Birmingham, including Vestavia Hills, Hoover, Mountain Brook, Homewood, Pelham, the Highway 280 area east of Birmingham, including Inverness, Meadow Brook, Greystone, Mount Larel, Brook Highland, Eagle Point, Shoal Creek, Chelsea (and all of the other communities along Highway 280 from I-459 to Chelsea).  With the opening of our new location in Calera, we will begin serving the Calera, Alabaster, Pelham,  Montevallo and Columbiana along the I-65 corridor south of Birmingham, Alabama in early 2011.

The zip codes where we serve most of the homes include 35243, 35216, 35242, 35244, 35226, 35209, 35223, 35213 and 35210.

With our recent addition of the Calera, Alabaster, Montevallo area, we will begin serving the residents in zip codes 35040, 35051, 35115, 35007 and 35124 in 2011.  All of our dry cleaning and laundry services will be available to these areas soon.

3. Can I still use your service if I don't have dry cleaning or laundry every week?

You don't have to have something every week.  There are no contracts to sign.  But if you have dry cleaning only occasionally, then this service does not help you very much.  In order for Champion Cleaners to provide this service for free, regular need for dry cleaning and laundry services are needed.

4.  I work during the day so how do I get my dry cleaning to you, and how do you return the clean things to me?

You don't have to be home.  Just leave your garments in one of our beautiful yellow bags with your name tag filled in and we will pick up you dry cleaning.  Just have it out by 8:00 on your service days and we will pick it up.  And we will return your clean clothes on those same service days.

If you are interested in knowing your service days, just follow this link. If you can't find your street on the map, just give Billy Mims, our Route Manager, a call at 205.602.3842 and he can discuss our service with you.

5. Do you provide laundry services as well as dry cleaning services with pick and delivery dry cleaning service?

We provide all of our dry cleaning services and our laundry services to anyone signed up on our pickup and delivery dry cleaning service route.  This includes area rug cleaning, alterations services, leather and suede cleaning, wash dry and fold service, even wedding gown cleaning and preservation.

Dry Cleaning Delivered Right to Your Door:  Get $10.00 in FREE dry cleaning and laundry services n Birmingham Alabama.

Did you know that for no extra cost Champion will pick up and deliver your cleaning...twice each week...replace missing lose hems and seams...for FREE?

Schedule your delivery service and get $10 off your first order.

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