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Dry Cleaning Pick Up and Delivery Service in Birmingham Alabama

 Dry Cleaning Pickup and Delivery Service in Birmingham Alabama

I’m a busy person...we all are.  And if you’re anything like me then you know that any small reprieve in weekly duties is a true gift.


From the daily commute to and from work, household chores, errands and the few precious moments you can squeeze in with your family, it always seems as though there are never enough hours in the day to finish everything we need to do.

Here at Champion Cleaners, we know that saving just a few minutes here and there can help you cultivate a more simplified lifestyle. That’s why we offer a dry cleaning pickup and delivery service designed just for busy people like you.

Remembering to pick up your dry cleaning on the way home from the office, or taking extra time to drop off your garments in the morning seems simple enough, but these extra steps translate into time lost from your day and additional stressors on your plate. However, our dry cleaning pickup and delivery service in Birmingham, Alabama, eliminates this errand completely. Essentially, you can enjoy reliable dry cleaning pickup and delivery service that fits your hectic schedule.  While we are not able to serve the entire Jefferson and Shelby County area, we do servce much of it.  Check our service map for more details.

To get started, simply select from one of our three types of dry cleaning pickup and delivery service:

  1. Twice-a-Week – If you average about $30.00 per month in laundry and dry cleaning, you may want to consider this option. We’ll stop by your home or workplace two times per week to drop off and pick up your garments. We’ll even throw in $10.00 in free dry cleaning just for giving this option a try.
  2. On Call – If you don’t average $30.00 per month in laundry and dry cleaning but still want the convenience of home or workplace pickup and delivery, you’ll want to check out our On Call service. Simply call a day ahead and we’ll stop by your home or workplace on our next service day.
  3. One Way – Don’t have regular dry cleaning each month? No problem. Simply drop off your dry cleaning items as needed by 10 a.m. on a normal service day and we’ll get them back to you next service day.  Whenever you need dry cleaning services, just drop them off and we'll return them.

If you’re still unsure as to whether or not our dry cleaning pickup and delivery service is right for you, let our service speak for itself. Try out one of the above options and remember, best of all, our dry cleaning pickup and delivery service is completely free.  Call our Route Manager at 205.602.3842 to discuss our dry cleaning pickup and delivery service.

Dry Cleaning Delivered Right to Your Door:  Get $10.00 in FREE dry cleaning and laundry.

Did you know that for no extra cost Champion will pick up and deliver your cleaning...twice each week...replace missing lose hems and seams...for FREE?

Schedule your delivery service and get $10 off your first order. Or call us at 205.602.3842.

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